To or not to

To spey or not

Unless you are really interested in your dog having pups it is strongly recommended you spay her young
Here are the advantages of spaying your dog

Speying will

Reduce the risk of relatively common malignant mammary tumours, found in older female dog. Mammary tumours in the older female dog are not good news just as in humans. They have a great tendency to spread and have often done so before the owner notices them / has had them surgically removed

Eliminate the real risks associated with pyometra. It is not uncommon in the older none desexed female dog to run a high risk of often life threatening “pyo”. In this condition the uterus fills with pus, the dog becomes toxic and often needs emergency surgery at a time when all the anaesthetic risks are high. In our view this is reason enough to warrant spaying

Negate the risk of ovarian tumours in later life

Reduce the tendency to stray. Female dogs on heat will go to great lengths to get to a male dog, this includes running away

Reduce the problem of stray dogs in the community. The number of dogs that are euthanased in a year is very depressing. Do play your part in reducing the need for this sad practice. You may find homes for your pups but keep in mind that in turn means fewer homes for dogs that desperately need a home. And then there is the benefit of peace of mind, not having to worry about your female dog getting caught each season, cleaning up the bleeding that is associated with pro oestrus etc

Some clients are concerned that speying a dog will necessarily make it fat. This is not so. It is true that desexed dogs become pre-disposed to gain weight more easily than non-desexed dogs, however dogs get fat because they eat too much! (Just like people). So the take home message is that if you do have your dog desexed you may have to reduce her food intake by 10-15% to maintain optimal body condition. A trim and fit dog is a happy dog
Furthermore speying will not lead to any adverse character changes, your dog will remain her lovable self

The facts speak for themselves. Speying your female dog makes sense and offers her the best prospects for a comfortable and healthy future