Responsible Ownership

Of Cats

How Can I Help Wildlife and Look After My Cat

We all love our cats and want them to live healthy happy lives. But at the same time it is important to consider their effect on wildlife. So here are some tips on how to accomplish this

Always keep your cat indoors at night: night time is when many small mammals are active and at risk from cat attacks

Consider keeping your cat indoors or within your property during the day: domestic cats that aren’t allowed to roam are also more likely to be healthier and live longer because they don’t get into fights or get injured by vehicles

Consider an outdoor cat enclosure, this can be free standing or attached to the house

Get your cat desexed: desexed cats can live longer and it reduces the number of unwanted kittens

Make sure your cat has identification: microchip and elasticised collar with tag and bell

Make sure you look after your pet while you’re away on holidays- book your cat into a cattery while you’re away. Use a pet sitter and keep your cat indoors

Don’t abandon or dump unwanted cats or kittens- take them to an animal welfare organisation where they can be looked after