Puppy Classes

By Delta qualified Barbara Hodel

Puppy Preschool Classes

Conducted Tuesday evenings at 6pm and Saturday 2 pm


Our Puppy Preschool and Training Classes are run by Barbara Hodel -a Delta Accredited Canine Behavioural Trainer

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Puppy Preschool, now available throughout the whole of Australia, started at Seaforth Vets - and we are still ahead of the game

About Puppy Classes

Puppy preschool classes are conducted at Seaforth Veterinary Hospital for training and socialisation. Our instructors will help you with all aspects of puppy ownership such as house training, chewing/mouthing, leadership skills, interaction with family members and other dogs, and canine body language

If you are keeping your puppy confined during its vaccination period, then puppy classes offer an opportunity to get them out, get them playing with other puppies and start them training

A good puppy class can make an invaluable contribution to building a confident young dog, enabling it to cope better within its environment and in our community. There’s nothing nicer than meeting a happy well-mannered dog, and we’ll help you get your puppy on the road to becoming just that

We accept puppies between the ages of 7-16 weeks. You must bring your pup’s vaccination certificate to the first class. We certainly welcome children in our classes under the supervision of a responsible adult. Children must remain in their seat for the duration of the class unless they are training their puppy - they will be training quite a lot

Two Delta Accredited Behavioural Trainers conduct each class and there are only ever a maximum of 6 puppies. We provide all treats and equipment. You just need to bring your puppy on a lead


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