Notes For Clients

Notes on prescriptions for clients

The law

In Australia, a client cannot demand that a prescription be issued. Prescriptions are supplied solely at the discretion of a vet and only for animals directly under their care


A prescription will only be provided for human medicines we do not stock but are required by your pet

The amount

If a script is provided by your veterinarian it is absolutely their decision as to how much should be supplied by the dispensing chemist, and further we generally aim to limit this to 1-2 months’ supply
It is illegal to alter a script


 As such we do not provide “repeats” as is common in human medicine. The exception to this might be if you only require a 1 months’ supply at a time but are entitled to 2 months, then 1 repeat might be considered reasonable

Why the limitation

It is about health, safety and responsible prescribing
Clients are very lucky that vets can prescribe at all. It is a privilege that the profession has long had. To preserve this privilege, we must be seen to be responsible in how we conduct ourselves
Imagine how inconvenient it would be if we only every issued scripts and you had to go to the chemist for everything? It would be time consuming and delay essential treatment for your pet
The adage that 1 human year equates to 7 years in a pet’s life is roughly correct, and as such 2 months’ supply is roughly the same as a human being dispensed 1 years supply at a time

That’s more than fair

Why do I have to see the vet again

S4 drugs are only supplied when really required, and to determine that this is the case we may periodically need to see your pet to confirm its ongoing requirements. Some drugs have side effects that need to be monitored. Some drugs need to have their blood levels determined to ensure they work properly. Your pet may have concurrent disease that makes the prescribed medication higher risk. To control this risk / benefit balance we need to recheck your pet
A pet’s weight may change with time, and dose rates may need to be recalculated
So, when a prescription needs to be repeated, you must follow the direction of your vet

Expensive medicines

 Note that we do our best to provide expensive medicines at a reasonable price. We do this by

Typically discounting them by 20-25% when a bulk purchase is made

We organise compounding medicines to be prepared much cheaper than they would be, were they veterinary licenced products. In time, it is possible that this privilege may be withdrawn from the vet as it has in the UK and other countries

Why can’t I use prescriptions on the Internet

The Internet is fraught with scammers and we cannot monitor them all.
The internet is awash with fake drugs and we do not want to be responsible for the supply of a drug that beyond our control

that at worst maybe toxic to your pet

or at best contain no active ingredient at all

Fake drugs sold over the Internet kill thousands of people each year

Yes, people like to buy them, they are cheap, but it can be seriously false economy! We are not willing to contribute to this trade. As you will note we do not sell S4 drugs on our website
the limited number of scripts we do provide, can only to be filled at a dispensing chemist who has a local physical presence on the high street
Note it is illegal to purchase and import S4/S8 drugs from a foreign country, we are not participating in this


Yes, there is a charge for a prescription. This is set by the individual vet
The charge covers our professional fee for

Taking professional responsibility for the supply (such as a lawyer does in providing legal advice)

Responsibility for ensuring / calculating correct dose rates

Modifying a dose rate based on current history

Advising on safe use / side effects

Checking your pets record to ensure safe dosing and correct compliance

Receiving calls, making calls to clients to ensure all runs smoothly

Communicating with the dispenser as and when required