Pancreatitis in Dogs

Home care notes

The nature of the food is the most likely cause of relapse

Your pet has likely not been fed for a few days by the time it has been discharged

For the next 2 days we advise feeding boiled rice only

Thereafter for the next 4 days you can feed boiled rice and cottage cheese but start with 90% rice 10% cheese and gradually increase to a 75-25% mixture over a period of 4 days

Thereafter feed a proprietary low fat diet (either Hill's i/d or Walthams low fat diet) indefinitely. Pancreatitis can reoccur, but does so infrequently if this point is followed

Most suffers tend to be over weight, if so then weight loss is important. Enter your pet onto our Weight Loss Clinic. We will set a target weight for your pet initially and reassess their condition when it reaches this. Re-weight them religiously ever 2 weeks

Water to drink ad lib, no milk


Antibiotics if dispensed may need to continue for a number of weeks upon discharge

Pancreatic enzymes may be supplied, continue these with every meal until finished - they may help reduce the demands upon the pancreas rather than treat any specific deficiency

Corticosteroids are no longer implicated in pancreatitis. It is believed that feeding a high fat diet and then concurrently using steroids can increase the risk of pancreatitis