Rental Accommodation

Pets allowed

Finding rental accommodation that accepts pets*

You’ve probably heard heartbreaking stories – or have experienced them yourself: you need to move and can’t find suitable rental housing that will accept your pet

With planning and a few compromises you can find pet friendly housing in virtually any area of the country. After all, isn’t your pet worth it? The following steps might assist

Give yourself enough time. Sounds obvious, but start checking ads and contact real estate agents as quickly as you can

Understand why many housing places reject pets: Put yourself in the shoes of landlords. They may have had bad experiences with irresponsible pet owners who left ruined carpets when they moved out. They may be worried about neighbors’ complaints about barking dogs and wonder how they are going to deal effectively with pet owners if problems arise
That’s why people looking for pet friendly accommodation must be able to sell themselves as responsible tenants who are committed to providing responsible pet care and being responsible neighbours

Make use of available resources: Speak to the local pet store about real estate agents who may be pet owners themselves. Go to Council and find out the location of the local dog training club. Make contact with people who run boarding kennels or grooming parlours. Visit your veterinary hospital. There is no substitute for making a professional connection with someone who understands how important your pet is to you

Gather proof that you are responsible: The more documentation that you can provide attesting to your conscientiousness as a pet owner the more convincing your appeal will be to your future landlord. Compile the following documents
- Letter of reference from your current landlord
- Written proof of any training classes that your dog has completed
- A letter from your Veterinarian confirming you have been diligent in your pets medical care; that your pet has been desexed and vaccinated

Make your request to the individual with the ultimate authority to grant your request: Usually this will be the owner, however you may need to submit a written request to the Strata Committee

Let the Landlord or Strata Committee know that you share any concerns about cleanliness: Point out that your pet is housetrained or litter-box trained. Emphasis that you always clean up after your dog outdoors and that you always properly dispose of your pets waste

Promote Yourself- Responsible pet owners make excellent residents ecause they search harder for a place to live and are more likely to stay put. Let Landlords know that you understand living with a companion animal is a privilege, not a right

Promote your Pet- Offer to bring your pet to meet the owner or property manager. A freshly groomed, well behaved pet will speak volumes

Emphasise that the same pride you take in caring for your pet extends to taking care of your home. Many landlords are concerned about fleas. Let them know that you maintain an active flea control program for your pet and home. If you can’t arrange a meeting, then provide a small photo album displaying photos of your pampered pet in your current home. Create a “Resume” for your pet

Be willing to pay a little extra- Tell your prospective Landlord or Property Manager that you will pay a higher bond to cover any damages that might be incurred
Get it in writing- Sign a pet addendum to your rental agreement. Request a copy of any house rules pertaining to pets. Let the Landlord know that you will abide by the rules set for the broader community and that you will respect the concerns of residents who do not own pets

* by Virginia Pennefather