Who is working when

Who's working today

 At Seaforth veterinary hospital we have 3 permanent vets and two part time vets. We all work differing days of the week. Most clients have their own preferences who they like to see. Indeed your pet may feel more comfortable with one vet over another, as a result you are happier to see that vet.

For non-urgent issues it is always possible to book an appointment to see your favourite vet. Vets have holidays, swap shifts when required, take study leave, so there is no simple formula. So to help you plan this, here are our movements roughly 1-2 months ahead


RM = Dr Rob Miller, ET = Dr Libby Thompson, HT = Dr Hendrika Tegelaar, VG = Dr Veronica Gibb-Cumming, AS = Dr Andrew Slade

Please note that Dr Terry has retired from consulting as of 2019

Note that a * on the Saturday initial indicates which vet works until 4pm