Lost and Found

a service to the community

Lost or Found a pet

If so then please call Seaforth Vets and we can quickly check or update our database appropriately. We can do this in a jiff as long as the animal has a microchip. Without a chip it can be a long drawn out process finding an owner. This is stressful for you and your pet

Microchipping in NSW is compulsory in cats and dogs. If your pet is found straying without a chip you can get a hefty fine, so please if you do not currently have a chip please have it done ASAP

Did you know you cannot purchase a pet that does not have a microchip? It is illegal to sell a cat or dog without a chip, even from a backyard breeder, or a friend who wishes to give you a kitten. Always insist on proof of chipping before you hand over your money for a new pet

In any one week we reunite many lost pets with their grateful owners. When an animal is lost peoples first port of call is always their vet

We are happy to do all this free of charge as a community service however It can consume quite some time so please be patient in your expectations

Previously we published our lost and found database online but with the advent of Facebook and Instagram these are now the preferred mode of getting a message out there quickly if we cannot find an owner